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As a leading Valve Stem Seal Manufacturer, AOK has more than five hundred specifications of valve stem seals and we are now developing more specifications.

Valve Stem Seals are used in car engines and can control the leak rate of engine oil to lubricate the valve stem and guide. Besides, they are responsible for maintaining a proper seal between the valve stem and the valve guide in the cylinder head.

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Functions of Valve Stem Seals :

Valve stem seals play a crucial role in the overall performance and longevity of an engine. You can totally rely on AOK for high-quality valve stem seals. Years of experience enable us to offer innovative and customized valve stem seals. Here are the main functions of valve stem seals :

  • Oil Control:Valve stem seals help to control the amount of oil that enters the combustion chamber. They prevent excessive oil from being drawn into the cylinder during the intake stroke. By maintaining proper oil control, valve stem seals contribute to improving engine performance and reducing emissions.
  • Lubrication:Valve stem seals not only prevent excessive oil from entering the combustion chamber, but they also ensure an adequate amount of lubrication is provided to the valve stem itself. This helps reduce friction between valve stem and valve guide, promoting smooth operation and preventing premature wear.
  • Reduced Oil Consumption: By preventing oil from entering the combustion chamber, valve stem seals help reduce oil consumption in the engine, resulting in cost savings. It also contributes to environmental benefits by reducing the release of oil vapor and emissions.
  • Improved Engine Efficiency:Valve stem seals can improve engine efficiency by maintaining optimal compression within the combustion chamber. They prevent oil from diluting the air-fuel mixture, which could cause incomplete combustion and reduced power output. By ensuring a proper seal, valve stem seals assist in maximizing engine performance.

AOK Customized Valve Stem Seals

The design and specifications of valve stem seals can vary across different car makes, models, and engine configurations. AOK, top valve stem seal manufacturer, provides customized services, allowing customers to select the most suitable material for their specific needs.

Customized valve stem seals can be designed to accommodate different valve sizes, shapes, and configurations. This allows for precise fitment and compatibility with various engine designs, promoting proper sealing and reducing the risk of oil leakage or excessive wear.

In summary, customized valve stem seals are personalized components that provide improved engine performance, durability, and oil control. They are designed to meet the specific requirements and preferences of individual car owners or automotive enthusiasts, ensuring optimal functionality and reliability.

If you are looking for reliable customized valve stem seal manufacturers, do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email.