Manufacturer of Valve Stem Oil Seals

AOK has made concrete contribution to valve seal industries for over 25 years since establishment in 1995. Due to the stable quality and diversified products of our oil valve seals, we are affirmed and loved by internationally renowned car manufacturers. We supply high quality Valve Seal for cars such as Alfa Romeo valve seals, BMW vehicle valve seal and motorcycle's, etc.. All our valve stem oil seals are strictly controlled to maintain the highest quality, therefore, AOK has won worldwide recognition.

With almost three decades of experiences in designing and producing all kinds of oil seals, AOK has acquired rich knowledge and the latest technology in the automobile application field. Being a professional valve seal manufacturer with ISO9001 and TS16949 qualification. AOK markets globally and sells the valve stem seals in European, North America and Asian countries. Maintaining excellent quality and customer satisfaction is AOK's No. 1 priority. AOK provides you with top quality of valve seals.

If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact with AOK. AOK delights in serving customer with satisfaction.If you are looking for various rubber part, oil seal, or others, please do not be hesitate to contact with through phone call or by email. Let us know your requirements in order to find what you need. Feel free to contact with us.